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Aspire 2 Vesda Design SoftwareThe performance of an air sampling smoke detection system is dependent upon the design of the pipe network used to transport air back to the smoke detector.

ASPIRE2 is a Windows®-based application that aids the specification and design of pipe networks for VESDA® air sampling smoke detectors. It provides the designer with tools to speed the design process and ensure optimum network performance and installation quality.

ASPIRE2 also makes implementation of the design easy. With automatic generation of lists of all the components required for the project and an Installation Data Pack, the installer will have all the information they need at their fingertips.

ASPIRE2 is the next generation of the popular ASPIRE application, used by VESDA system designers and installers around the world.

Fast pipe network design

Using the Pipe Design Wizard, you can quickly transcribe your pipe network design into ASPIRE2. Click and drag adds pipe fittings such as a pipe, elbow or sample point as you tweak the design to suit. ASPIRE2 allows full flexibility in placement of any network components. For example, extra elbows can be introduced to direct the pipe around a ceiling beam.

Once the layout is established, you enter your performance criteria for the pipe network e.g. transport time, sensitivity etc. Using the AutoBalance function, ASPIRE2 will automatically calculate sample hole sizes (to suit the drill bit sizes you specify). Alternatively, you can manually set the hole sizes and review the predicted system performance.

One of the great time-saving features of ASPIRE2 is the ability to save environmental design parameters for particular applications. For example, certain applications require specific transport time and sample hole pressures or certain environments have specific conditions such as low temperatures. These parameters can be saved and used in later projects.

Simple handover for installation

The Installation Data Pack (IDP) is a series of reports that list the parameters, required materials and expected system performance. Data & diagrams from the IDP can be printed or cut and pasted into other programs e.g. Microsoft® Excel® for further calculations or Microsoft® Word® for client reports.

ASPIRE2 allows notes to be made on any element of the pipe design to convey design reasoning to the installer. Project-level notes can be stored with the project files. For example: an overall description of a project, project milestone dates, installation considerations or file/drawing references. This is very useful when handing the installation over to a contractor.

Need to vary the performance for different areas of a building?

The Group function in ASPIRE2 allows you to set different performance criteria for different areas of a building. For example, your design may need to cover both a hi-tech manufacturing area and a computer room. The fast airflows and large asset value in the computer room would justify high sensitivity. The manufacturing area would need a lower sensitivity due to the higher ambient levels of dust and fumes etc. By setting the desired sensitivity levels in ASPIRE2 it will calculate the best design for both areas automatically.

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