The VESDA product range consists of more than detectors. Remote display units, relay units and programming units are ancillary products that can be connected to a VesdaNET system to create a full site solution with any VesdaNET enabled detector.

A Product Range That's Extending.

VESDA Product information

VESDA detectors are very early smoke detection apparatus that offer the earliest possible warning of a potential fire.


With hundreds of thousands installed globally, the VESDA brand name has become synonymous with high performance and is the product chosen by many when reliable performance is crucial.


VESDA detectors work by continually drawing air through a network of pipes via a high efficiency aspirator. A sample of this air is passed through a dual stage filter into a laser detection chamber. A highly sensitive receiver system counts the particles of smoke and carries out a set of pre-programmed actions at user selectable contamination levels.


The VESDA product range incorporates various detectors to suite many applications, environments, room sizes and budgets. Each different detector is capable of communicating the information detected to a fire alarm control panel, software management system or a building management system through relays or a High Level Interface connected to the proprietary VesdaNET network.


Ventec Systems Ltd provide sales and support for the entire VESDA range including accessories, power supplies, networking and pipework. Further information on each product can be found by using the menus above.

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