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VESDA Installation Services

VESDA System Installation

The VESDA smoke detection system is an aspirating smoke detection system. It is dependent upon a properly designed and installed air sampling pipe network.

Introduction to Pipe Networks

VESDA’s early warning aspirating smoke detection system collects air samples through sampling holes on a network of pipes. The airflow within a protected area carries the air samples to the sampling holes. Conventional smoke detectors wait for the smoke to migrate through the detector, VESDA actively draws air samples into the sampling system. These samples are transported through the pipe network to the VESDA laser detector.

Installing Pipe Networks

Pipe network designs are specific to a site and are dependant upon site conditions, the application, customer requirements and local codes and standards. Installing pipe networks requires knowledge of the components used, guidelines that should be followed, and an understanding of the more commonly used air sampling options.

To help extend the services offered by you to your client, ICS can provide details of approved third party installation sub-contractors. Through a national network of certified VESDA detection agents an installation team can usually be sourced local to your project.