VSC - Vesda System Configurator Software.

VESDA Software

VESDA VSC Software

System Configuration and design.

VESDA System Configurator (VSC) configures, commissions and maintains the full range of VESDA products including VESDA smoke detectors, LCD Programmers and High Level Interfaces.


VSC can configure a single VESDA smoke detector or your entire VESDA network.


All the features of previous versions of VESDA software (VConfigBasic and VConfigPro) are available in VSC together with additional features that allow faster setup, fault resolution and event diagnostics.


The software simplifies the setup, commissioning & programming of a VESDA installation and provides indespensable service & maintenance tools after installation.


Specific detector fault conditions are logged within the detector and VSC allows the system event log to be downloaded. Smoke trend graphs can be generated to pinpoint potential issues and these too can be saved using VSC.


VSC’s context-sensitive Help provides you with step-by-step instructions to assist you in executing common tasks and helps identify & diagnose systems faults.

ASPIRE - VESDA aspirating pipe network design software.

VESDA ASPIRE2 is a Windows®-based application that aids the specification and design of pipe networks for VESDA air sampling smoke detectors.


It provides the designer with tools to speed the design process and ensure optimum network performance and installation quality.


ASPIRE2 also makes implementation of the design easy. With automatic generation of lists of all the components required for the project and an Installation Data Pack, the installer will have all the information they need at their fingertips.


ASPIRE2 is the latest generation of the ASPIRE application, used by VESDA system designers and installers around the world for over 15 years.


The Installation Data Pack (IDP) generated from ASPIRE is a series of reports that list the parameters, required materials and expected system performance. Data & diagrams from the IDP can be printed or cut and pasted into other programs e.g. Microsoft® Excel® for further calculations or Microsoft® Word® for client reports.


ASPIRE2 allows notes to be made on any element of the pipe design to convey design reasoning to the installer. Project-level notes can be stored with the project files. For example: an overall description of a project, project milestone dates, installation considerations or file/drawing references.

This is very useful when handing the installation over to a contractor.

Aspire2 Aspirating pipe network design software.
VLQ ( LaserQUANTUM ) configuration software.

Obsolete Product


Please contact us for information & alternatives

*** Obsolete ***
QSC : VESDA (VLQ) configuration software.

The VESDA VLQ (LaserQUANTUM) is a compact aspirating smoke detector suitable for high sensitivity smoke detection in areas up to 100m2.


It can be fully commissioned using the onboard programming buttons but simplified programming and additional functions are available through the QSC programming software.


Utilising a direct USB connection, the QSC software allows full configuration of smoke alarm threshold levels, Pre-Alarm thresholds, Alarm delays & latching functionality. Flow fault thresholds and detector normalisation functions are also supported.


As a service & maintenance tool, the LaserQUANTUM QSC software allows a user to view and ammend all configuration parameters and view historical logs of detector events.


Log files can be downloaded and saved in CSV format for additional analysis via popular PC applications such as spreadsheets and databases.

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