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VEU Accessories

The VESDA-E VEU is backwards compatible and can be connected to a VesdaNET network. It can facilitate any of the standard network accessories.


Accessories include :-

  • Remote Displays
  • Remote Programmers
  • Remote Relays
  • VSM 4 Management Software


In addition, once the VESDA-E is present on a VesdaNET network, any of the existing network detectors can be monitored with the VESDA-E mobile App.

Vesda E VEU Specifications


VESDA-E VEU Product Information

The VEU series of aspirating smoke detectors are the premium detector of the VESDA-E range manufactured by Xtralis and Supplied by Ventec Systems Ltd. An Ultra-wide sensitivity range; 15 times greater than VESDA VLP (LaserPLUS), and provision for more sampling holes provide an increased coverage in high airflow applications by up to 40%. Considerably longer pipe runs cater perfectly to applications with higher ceilings providing an increased coverage by up to 80%.


Vesda E VEU features a robust IP40-rated enclosure and is equipped with a powerful aspirator that provides a total pipe length of 800 m (2,624 ft). It is fully supported by the ASPIRE-E and VSC software applications which facilitate ease of pipe network design, system commissioning and maintenance together with compatibility with existing VESDA and VesdaNET installations.


Color touch screen display

The Vesda VEU-A10 detector features a 3.5” colour touch screen display which provides a range of status information including smoke level as well as trouble conditions. A simple navigation system allows the user to view all the status information.


Ethernet and WiFi connectivity

VESDA-E detectors offer Ethernet and WiFi connectivity as standard features. The detector can be added to a corporate network, allowing WiFi enabled tablet devices and laptops installed with the configuration software to connect wirelessly to the detector via the network.


Additional Features

  • Most robust contamination resistance
  • Ultra-wide sensitivity range
  • Flow fault thresholds configurable per port
  • Quiet operation
  •  3.5” colour touch screen for status review
  • Advanced remote diagnostics
  • Area coverage up to 2,000 m2 (21,500 ft2)
  • Up to four inlet pipes
  • Total pipe length of 800 m (2,624 ft)
  • Referencing
  • AutoLearnTM Smoke and Flow
  • Seven programmable relays
  • Two GPIs, monitored and unmonitored
  • Ultrasonic flow sensing
  • Field replaceable aspirator, sampling module, filter and detection chamber
  • VESDAnet networking
  • Ethernet 100 base T
  • WiFi, 802.11 b/g/n
  • Local host-mode USB port

VEU Support

VESDA-E Data Sheet

Download the VESDA-E VEU Data Sheet. Or visit the Support Area for manuals, application guides & programming software.



VESDA-E Programming & Monitoring

The VESDA-E VEU is a networkable detector and can be programmed & configured using any of the following:-

  • PC with VSC software.
  • Mobile Tablet via the iOS or Android App.
  • USB
  • Ethernet
  • WiFi

VEU Models

The VESDA-E VEU can be supplied in the following models / configurations:-

  • VEU-A00 - LED Display
  • VEU-A10 - 3.5" colour touchscreen display.

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