IAS Accessories

The Xtralis VESDA IAS detectors are stand alone detectors. Accessories that may be required are the Baffles. These are form cut  parts that direct the airflow through the detector installed within the unit.


Baffles are available for the following detectors :-

  • Apollo S65, XP95, Discovery
  • Argus Sagittarius
  • Detectomat CT3000, PL3200, PL3300
  • UTC Edwards DP652, DP721, DP2061, DP951, DP991
  • Hochiki SLR-E3, ALG-E
  • Siemens FDOOTC241
  • System Sensor 2251EM
  • TYCO MX801, MX830, FC460, MX850


Detection up to 500m2

The Xtralis VESDA IAS Air-sampling Smoke Detection systems provide a flexible solution to meet the unique needs of numerous applications including industrial spaces such as cable tunnels, the tamper-proof and unobtrusive requirements of special accommodation, or can simply be used to replace spot (point) detectors in office environments.


How it Works

The Xtralis IAS systems actively draw air from the protected area through sampling holes in a pipe network. Sampled air is then filtered before being analyzed by conventional or analog point detectors incorporated in the systems. The IAS system is available with one inlet pipe (IAS-1) or two inlet pipes (IAS-2), and can be fitted with one or two detectors per system. A number of detector technology types (photoelectric, ionization, heat, CO etc.) from a range of leading detector providers may be used.


The systems utilize a high performance aspirator and software configurable flow monitoring circuitry. Air flow level is displayed on a ten element bar graph that can

be adjusted for high and low flow thresholds, and flow failure is reported as a device fault via relays to the loop.


Installer-specifiable point detectors offer benefits in simplicity of configuration and cost effectiveness. In circumstances where the premises are already protected by point detectors, the IAS system is easily introduced onto the existing fire alarm control panel signaling circuit by fitting equivalent detectors into the system.

IAS Support

IAS Data Sheet

Download the VESDA IAS Data Sheet. Or visit the Support Area for manuals, application guides & programming software.



IAS Programming

The IAS detector can be programmed & configured using the following:-

  • On Board buttons & LED indicators

IAS Models

The Xtralis IAS can be supplied in the following models / configurations:-

  • IAS-1 - Provision for one conventional / addressable detector & base.
  • IAS-2 - Provision for two conventional / addressable detectors & bases.

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