VLF Specifications


Detection up to 500m2

The VESDA LaserFOCUS detector delivers the most advanced air sampling smoke detection technology to small environments - cost effectively.


The VLF-250 model protects areas up to 250m2. The VLF-500 model protects areas up to 500m2. In addition to the features found in all VESDA Laser products, the VESDA LaserFOCUS provides a new range of features & built-in intelligence that allow quick installation, commissioning and servicing.


Out-of-the-box operation

The VESDA LaserFOCUS can be installed and commissioned out-of-the-box without the need for a special interface or software programming tools.

In operation, the unique Smoke Dial display provides the user with an instant understanding of a smoke event, even from a distance. Should a fault occur, the user simply opens the field service door and activates the Instant Fault Finder feature to determine the specific fault condition. This information can then be passed onto their fire service company, ensuring that service technicians arrive onsite fully prepared.


Ultrasonic Flow Sensing

The patent-pending Ultrasonic Flow Sensing used in the LaserFOCUS provides a direct reading of the sampling pipe flow rate. The system is immune to air temperature and pressure changes and is unaffected by contamination. VESDA is the first air sampling smoke detector to use ultrasonic flow sensing.


Additional Features


  • Laser-Based Absolute Smoke Detection
  • Pre-engineered pipe network designs
  • Programmable Alarm Thresholds
  • Dual Stage Air Filtration
  • Instant Recognition Display
  • Instant Fault Finder™
  • AutoLearn™ Smoke
  • AutoLearn™ Flow
  • Field Service Access Door
  • Multiple Event Logging in separate logs
  • Event log – up to 18000 events
  • Offline/online configuration capability
  • Up to 500 m2 (5000 ft2) coverage
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  • LaserFOCUS Knowledge Base

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Vesda Support

Vesda Laser Focus Data Sheet

Download the standard LaserFOCUS Data Sheet. Or visit the Support Area for manuals, application guides & programming software.



VLF Programming

The LaserFOCUS is a stand alone detector and can be programmed using VSC & a direct serial connection. VSC should be configured to use a VesdaTALK connection.


An optional network card can be installed & the LaserFOCUS can then be configured using any of the following (VesdaNET programming socket is required) :-

  • PC with VSC software & an HLI interface.
  • Hand held programming module.
  • Any detector on the same network with a built in programming module.

VLF Models

The LaserFOCUS can be supplied in the following models / configurations:-

  • VLF-250 - Coverage up to 250m2
  • VLF-500 - Coverage up to 500m2
  • Optional network cards and relay cards are available to increase the standard capabilities.

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