Detection up to 2000m2

The LaserPLUS by Xtralis is the core product in the VESDA aspirating smoke detector product range and is available in various models, VLP-002, VLP-400 & VLP-012. Like all Xtralis VESDA products it detects fires at the earliest possible stage and reliably measures very low to extremely high concentrations of smoke. It has a very wide sensitivity range of 0.005 to 20% obs/m. VESDA LaserPLUS supports four configurable alarms (Alert, Action, Fire 1 and Fire 2) and protects areas up to 2000 sq/m.



The VLP LaserPLUS technology employs unique software tools to ensure optimum operation in many differing environments. AutoLearn monitors the ambient environment and sets the most appropriate alarm thresholds (Alert, Action, Fire1, Fire2) during the commissioning process to allow the earliest possible warning of a potential fire situation with no nuisance alarms.



Environments that employ air handling systems may be affected by pollution external to the controlled environment when “fresh air make up” is added. Referencing by VESDA ensures that external pollution does not interfere with the true smoke level being detected in the protected environment. The system can safely compensate for this transient state and allow continued operation free from nuisance alarms.


Additional Features


  • Wide Sensitivity Range
  • Laser Based Smoke Detection
  • 4 Configurable Alarm Levels
  • High Efficiency Aspirator
  • Four Inlet Pipes
  • Airflow Supervisor per Sampling Pipe
  • Dual Stage Air Filter
  • Easy to Replace Air Filter
  • 7 Programmable Relays
  • VESDAnet™
  • Event Log
  • Modular Design
  • Simple LED Alarm Status Indication (VLP-400 model only)
  • Comprehensive Alarm / Smoke Status Display (VLP-002 & VLP-012 models only)
  • On Board Network Programmer (VLP-012 model only)
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VLP Specifications



LaserPlus (VLP-002 VLP-400 VLP-012) Data Sheet

Download the LaserPLUS Data Sheet. Or visit the Support Area for manuals, application guides & programming software.



VLP Programming

The LaserPLUS is a networkable detector and can be programmed & configured using any of the following:-

  • PC with VSC software & an HLI interface.
  • On board programming module.
  • Hand held programming module.
  • Any detector on the same network with a built in programming module.

LaserPLUS Models

The LaserPLUS can be supplied in the following models / configurations:-

  • VLP-400 - Fire & OK LED's
  • VLP-002 - Built in display C/W bargraph & control buttons.
  • VLP-012 - Built in display as above plus a built in programming module.

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