VLS Specifications


Detection up to 2000m2

The LaserSCANNER is similar to the standard LaserPLUS detector, but also includes a valve mechanism in the inlet manifold and software to control the airflow from the four VESDA sectors (pipes).


This configuration enables a single VESDA zone to be divided into four separate sectors, for example, distinguishing between separate voids within a room or seperate cabinets within the same room.


The LaserSCANNER Display

The LaserSCANNER display has a bar graph to indicate the overall smoke level, alarm threshold and fault indication. The bar graph displays the individual sector smoke levels during the scanning sequence. There is an extra LED to indicate that a First Alarm Sector (FAS) has been identified and an extra function to the Silence Button to allow for Manual Scan to be initiated.

The LaserSCANNER display module can be mounted into the LaserSCANNER front cover or remotely into a 19in subrack or a Remote Box.


Relay Options

The LaserSCANNER detector can be fitted with a programmable 7 or 12 relay Termination card. The additional Relays on the 12 way Termination card may be assigned on a "per sector" basis. Relays may be mounted in a remote box or in a 19in subrack.


AutoLearn™ and Referencing

The LaserSCANNER has both the AutoLearn™ and Referencing software functions to ensure optimum operation in different environments and to eliminate the occurrence of nuisance alarms.

AutoLearn monitors the ambient environment and sets the most appropriate alarm thresholds (Alert, Action, Fire 1, Fire 2) during the commissioning process.

Referencing ensures external pollution to a protected environment does not interfere with the true smoke level being detected.


Additional Features

  • Individual Pipe Identification
  • Adaptive Scan Threshold
  • Wide Sensitivity Range
  • Laser Based Smoke Detection
  • VESDAnet™ Communication
  • 4 Alarm Levels per Sector
  • High Efficiency Aspirator
  • Dual Stage Air Filter
  • Easy to Replace Air Filter
  • 7 or 12 Programmable Relays Option
  • Event Log
  • Recessed Mounting
  • VLS Specifications

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  • LaserSCANNER Knowledge Base

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Vesda Support

VESDA Laser Scanner Data Sheet

Download the LaserSCANNER Data Sheet. Or visit the Support Area for manuals, application guides & programming software.



VLS Programming

The LaserSCANNER is a networkable detector and can be programmed & configured using any of the following:-

  • PC with VSC software & an HLI interface.
  • On board programming module.
  • Hand held programming module.
  • Any detector on the same network with a built in programming module.

VLS Models

The LaserSCANNER can be supplied in the following models / configurations:-

  • VLS-600 - Fire & OK LED's with 7 Configurable relays.
  • VLS-204 - Built in display C/W bargraph & control buttons. 7 Relays.
  • VLS-214 - Built in display as above plus a built in programming module. 7 Relays.
  • VLS-700 - Fire & OK LED's with 12 Configurable relays.
  • VLS-304 - Built in display C/W bargraph & control buttons. 12 Relays.
  • VLS-314 - Built in display as above plus a built in programming module. 12 Relays.

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