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New Generation VESDA Detection

The VESDA-E VEP series of smoke detectors bring the latest and most advanced detection technology to provide very early warning and the best nuisance alarm rejection to a wide range of applications. Built on the Flair detection technology and years of application experience, VEP detectors deliver absolute calibration for lifetime performance and a range of revolutionary new features that deliver user value.


Flair Detection Technology


Flair is the revolutionary new detection chamber that forms the core of VESDA-E VEP, providing better detection, fewer nuisance alarms, higher stability, increased longevity and particle characterisation. Direct imaging of the sampled particles using a CMOS imager combined with multiple photo-diodes allow vastly more data that can be used to derive actionable information about the observed particles using analytics.


Installation, Commissioning and Operation


VESDA-E VEP is equipped with a powerful aspirator that provides a total pipe length of 560 m (1,837 ft). Out of box operation is made possible with AutoConfig which allows airflow normalisation and AutoLearn Smoke and Flow to be initiated from within the detector. VEP is fully supported by the Xtralis ASPIRE-E and Xtralis VSC-E software applications which facilitate ease of pipe network design, system commissioning and maintenance.




VESDA devices communicate on VESDAnet which provides a robust bi-directional communication network allowing continued redundant operation even during single point wiring failures. VESDAnet enables primary reporting, centralized configuration, control, maintenance and monitoring.


Ethernet and WiFi connectivity


VESDA-E detectors offer Ethernet and WiFi connectivity as standard features. The detector can be added to a corporate network, allowing WiFi enabled tablet devices and PC’s installed with Xtralis monitoring and configuration software to connect wirelessly to the detector via the network.


Backward Compatibility


Xtralis VESDA-E VEP is fully compatible with existing VESDA installations. The detector occupies the same mounting footprint, pipe, conduit and electrical connector positioning as VESDA VLP. VEP is also compatible with existing VESDAnet installations allowing monitoring of both VESDA-E and legacy detectors via the latest iVESDA application.


FLAIR Detection Technology

Built in WiFi

iVesda Mobile App

Touch Screen Display

Smart On Board Filter


VESDA-E VEP Data Sheet

Download the VESDA-E VEP Data Sheet.


VEP Programming

The VEP is a networkable detector and can be programmed & configured using any of the following:-

  • PC with VSC software.
  • USB Programming Support.
  • Ethernet Support.
  • WiFi Monitoring & Maintenance Support.
  • iVesda Mobile App compatible for Smart phones & Tablets.

VESDA-E Models

The VESDA-E VEP can be supplied in the following models / configurations:-

  • VEP-A00 - LED Display
  • VEP-A010 - Built in Touch Screen LCD Display C/W bargraph display & touch sensiitive control.

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